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Shame! Kenyans Roast DP Ruto After His Recent Revelation About Hustler Nation Backfires Badly

The race ti succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta come 2022 has continued to raise various debates from different individuals across the country, with different leaders continueing to show interest in the presidency.

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One of those eyeing the presidency, Deputy President William Ruto has been roasted by Kenyans after his attempt to reveal details about the conversation being spearheaded by Hustler Nation, of the wheelbarrow conversation, backfired badly.

"The wheelbarrow conversation is about the ordinary people and their enterprises. It is about Mama Mbogas, Watu wa Mjengo, Boda Bodas, Makangas, and their welfare. It is about the empowerment of every Kenyan. It is not about power, positions and tribes. Kazi Ni Kazi," DP Ruto said.

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Irate Kenyans took to Ruto's timeline to roast him for his sentiments about the wheelbarrow conversation, roasting him badly. Below were some of the reactions of the netizens;

"Did you give your son's and daughter's wheelbarrows when they finished school? Spare us these Willybarrow nonsense." - Godfrey Njihia

"Ordinary my foot. Who is your ordinary man or woman in UDA? Lie to others!" - Stephen Oduk

"9years of promise waaah this guy must be having a master in telling lies." - Abdul Mudalib

"You are tearing your own government, how dare you want us to trust you with another one ?" - Steve Allan

"The wheelbarrow can't be a bait for Kenyans to clinch corrupt morons to power,, all the eight years have been narrowed to a special purpose machine? Pelekea watoto wako wheelbarrow! Takataka!" - Emmanuel Olieba

"Your Daughter is an Ambassador in Poland.Back home you are lying to the Poor about Wheelbarrow Salvation...Ile Upuzi iko hii Kenya." - Evans Ondieki

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"If you mean what you're saying, start by giving your sons and daughters wheelbarrows. Ama hao ni watoto wa dynasty?" - Simon Wanjohi

"How many wheelbarrows have you given to your children??How many of them have you given to the people of sugoi?Stop this shenanigans of dividing kenyans based on their social status.Stop the stupidity of inciting the poor against those who have.Majority of kenyans have worked to gain their current status unlike you who stole from public coffers." - Junior Nyamori

"Nothing to celebrate about you. You will just be the same as the failed Ouru. You have no agenda for this country, the Hustler narrative is just to use the poor to ascend to power. Only fools and those who worship you(especially your tribesmen who follow you blindly)to vote for you." - Jackson Ndika

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