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Kenyan's Angry At What The Embassy In Saudi Arabia Did To Faith Murunga When She Sought Help

Two Kenyans Faith Murunga and Leorna Jerop narrated their life experiences in Saudi Arabia.Their stories were so touching as both encountered hardships abroad.However, the magnitude of pain differs since Jerop fell in hands of a good employer.On her side, Faith Murunga met a litany of challenges and bitter suffering under her employer.

"I went through hell. One time I was beaten so bad after my boss asked me to bring a cup and I brought a spoon yet I didn't understand the language. I used to have one meal in a day and that is strong tea," Faith Murunga narrated.

When she turned to the Kenyan embassy for assistance, it was all in vain.The Kenyan official used vulgar language instead of offering her assistance.

" I got no support from any Kenyan official in Saudi Arabia.I called one embassy guy and they used vulgar language akaniambis you are a girl ends ufanye ile kitu wenzako wanaeza fanya ndio ufanye kazi...lala na boss yajo ndio ufanye kazi, " Ms Murunga said.

Faith said that the Kenyans who are in Saudi suffer a lot yet there is no assistance offered to them.Her statement concerning how the embassy treats Kenya has sparked reactions in social media.

Her boss doused her with boiling water leaving her with serious burns to her arm.Her employer then forced her to confess that she burnt herself.She would be shot dead if she failed to obey the orders.She was forced to claim to have burnt herself to police and doctors who attended to her.

The two victims requested that the agents should who deal with workers in Saudi Arabia should be appointed from among the workers in Saudi Arabia.One of the agents was reported to have withheld the salary to one of the workers for six months.They said that only good samaritans save people from the challenges they pass through.

The CS Simon said that the government has initiated processes that will help to protect the Kenyans who are working abroad.He confirmed that he is going to visit Saudi Arabia late this month or early next month to solve the kindly leave your comments.You may click on the links below to get more details.

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