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‘Sio Loan Tu’ Kenyan Posts Amazing Projects That President Uhuru Has Done

President Uhuru Kenyatta in few months time will terminate his second and final term as President of the Republic of Kenya as per revised constitution of Kenya. He is forth President since independence after his father Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Late Daniel Moi and Mzee Kibaki.

Many have criticised his and his deputy President William Ruto tenure as worst since independence saying they have taken the country steps behind.

Slow or let’s term it as poor development, taking more international loan putting the country in huge debt from foreign countries. 

Recently, He has put the country in lockdown which to many is necessary as measure to curb the spread of corona virus but to some it is hindering the growth of economy as most need travelling across the country and 24 hour economy.

A member by the name Jerome Karanga in a Facebook group called Hon Martin Karanga Gatundu South has decided to highlight the main projects which our beloved president has done some with either footer or header ‘sio loan tu’.

Many may term it as tribalism but the guy has point. In every leadership their must be good and bad as no one is perfect as some people are just born to criticise and will never see good things happening.

We should appreciate whatever little our president has done to us. As per his oath he promised us everything possible and if that is what was possible it what we have to take.

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