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Major Voter Categories That Politicians are Interested in Ahead of 2022

As we approach the much anticipated general elections next year,Kenyan politicians seem to have identified their main target of voters for them to secure a win on the ballot.

Unlike previous election campaigns where they majored on tribal politics,the 2022 political conversation has changed to move on with the current needs in the country.

There are only three voter categories that are dominating next year's general elections as politicians have shown their relentless interest in wooing the groups.

The first one is the poor people.Every politician especially those eyeing the presidency is now showing interest in creating wealth for this group of people which hosts the majority of voters by coming up with ways that would help them afford a livelihood on their own.

The second category is the large number of youths which comprises of unemployed graduates, bodaboda riders and other hustlers by promising creation of millions of jobs for them and empowering them through youth forums which will enable them sustain their living by earning them proper income.

The other category that has become the talk in the country is the Mt Kenya region where most politicians believe they own the majority votes in Kenya and since the region has not fielded any presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections,it is time they battle to win them by climbing the mountain.

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