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Antigovernment Protests; Secrets and Significance. Folks Beware March 20th 2023

ladies and gentlemen, who is the most powerful man in Kenya today? is it William Samoei Ruto, Raila Amolo Odinga or somebody else? Stay with me and find out the answer to this startling quiz. We may not all agree but the evidence is there.

The 20th of march right through the history to this day , there are great things happening eg the Iraqi invasion by America , assisted by the UK government in 2003. if you're not a new comer here, already subscribed to my channel, then you know what to expect; in-depth analysis of boardroom politics and grassroot politics. The former being an arena where the political class are given money to defect, yap ,heckle or do this and that whereas the latter being where the local mwananchi is. Folks, where do you think you have the greatest impact with specificity to Kenya? stay with me and experience the reality.

several centuries ago, a sooth say in the street stopped a very powerful roman leader, Julius Caesar and said to him '' Caesar, beware the 20th of march. And now Kenyans are preparing to face the 20th of March 2023, and its my duty to remind the '' Kenyans, beware the 20th of march' this day has had very major fascinating events

the very burning question boggling the minds of Kenyans is., what will really happen on 20th day of march this year ? can they go to work on that day? because if they don't, some may lose their very precious job. It may be a good idea for you to go to work even if you support Azimio, however the question to be asked is, ''how will you get there, your work place unless it is your bedroom. But if you have to commute to work, you will have to rely on other people some of whom must facilitate your journey to work place.

the boardroom politicians remain those from Nyanza regions and others going to the state house with an aim of visiting Ruto . the grassroot fellows are the Azimio and Raila. Who have the power to wield?

one way of looking at it is to look at the person with democracy hence with many people supporting their course , i totally agree with that. But what if that person with the vast majority is not in the government, not controlling the machinery, the police etc.? Well, I refer you to the case of Sudan; in the reign of Omar AL Bashir , the president who ruled for over 30 ears, longer than our own second president Mio. he had the state machinery but those opposed to him had more people behind them. What happened? give me a simple answer to this simple question . Another example here in Kenya was in 1991 when Moi was playing boardroom politics while the opposition was playing grass-root politics with the sole agendum being that of returning the country back in plural party politics. Which side won? You know. What if Moi hadn't been swayed to stick to his one-party politics by law? Still, simple answer to simple question , he wouldn't have lasted in power for a couple of weeks Nay ,he'd have gone and that's why he did most of the unthinkable stuff to the KANU hardliners who must have blamed him of being too weak but he survived for another two weeks.

so if you're worried about those defecting to Ruto's camp, no! the history tells us that their effect only energizes the camp from which they have come . Our constitution say that it's only the government to declare public holidays. if in deed on the 20th of march the streets will be empty with no people going to work- I believe it will happen- and this has been announced by Raila and Azimio , I pose yet another question who has the power?

The truth in the world is that you cant fool around with several heavy gorillas charging at you even if you have a gun the same way applies to the masses of a country with which you equally cant fool around. It's mindboggling to think that the government can play their cards the right way bay creating a right perception of getting a few prominent people from Luo Nyanza to rubbish Raila's agenda that they'll be able to stop this gorillas theorem. If you ignore the rules of life, how God in His infinite wisdom wired all of us then chances are that you will end up in a situation where you are in your own world, in delusion .

get this analogy well, you fall in love with a lass because you have a lot of money but this young damsel tells you ''Hapana'' . I am in love with a poor peasant boy out there ' But money has blinded you to the point of ruling out any competition there , forcing things and possibly marrying this young lady' Remember her heart will not be with you but with the other .In fact she hates you even more. The local Kenyan phrase has it that one would rather sleep a wink in the slums of Korogocho, Kibera or Mathare than to cry and wallow in lamentation in Runda or Kitusuri .

the above illustration is what Kenyans await to see on 20th ma march someone married a woman who doesn't want him. the significance of this date is that , up north, the Tunisia government has banned opposition protest, a similar kind of action to our own. The same protest will be experienced in two other countries; Nigeria, South Africa . Folks beware the 20th of March. Much appreciation to the youtuber on political analysis-Chris Kumekucha

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