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"We Are Family Friends" Twalib Mbarak Clears Air On Claims That EACC and DPP Are Fighting

The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji and the CEO of the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Twalib Mbarak were interviewed on Citizen TV today December and Trevor Ombinja asked Twalib to address the issue that DPP and EACC do not see eye to eye sometimes. Trevor also asked him to explain the challenges they face when it comes to coordinated effort on war and graft.

Twalib refuted the claims by saying, "First of all I am smiling because I don't think I have ever collided with the DPP. Maybe the public doesn't know that other than being colleagues in this mission of fighting corruption we are family friends.

When you talk of friction, there will always be a conflict when people are doing something together. You find that the investigators and prosecutors will always have a gray area where they collide and it is allowed. If they don't collide then they are not professional.

I would like to dismiss the claims that Twalib and Noordin don't see eye to eye since we work together and our employees do joint evaluation and presentation of big files before us. The working relation between the EACC and the DPP is extremely good and is getting better because we learn a lot from each other"

He addressed the issue of corruption saying that the public should be blamed for electing corrupt leaders. That they don't do proper preliminary vetting before electing someone but end up blaming the offices of the DPP and the EACC.

He also revealed that some corruption cases are dismissed in court not because the accused is innocent but because of technicalities.

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