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If Britain That Gave Kenya Independence is Locked Down, What Normal Person Would Want Uhuru To Open?

The issue of our country being locked amid hard economic times is still attracting different views and opinions across the country. Matsanga David compares the current situation in Britain with that of ours on matters containing the spread of coronavirus.

Through his facebook page Matsanga David boldly says that, there is no good reason as to why President Uhuru should open up the country despite the pressure from Kenyans.Picture for illustrative purpose.

Attached please find his facebook post as I captured it from his facebook timeline for your review. "If Britain that gave Kenya independence and taught Kenya democracy is locked down, what normal person would want Kenya or would want President Uhuru Kenyatta to open up?" reads part of his facebook post.Picture for illustrative purpose.

This post attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*We struggled and fought for independence. Majority of our people ware killed to gain independence and it was not given as you are purporting. Well, the two nations are incomparable whatsoever, britain has a well structured governance policy. The poverty index's ratio in Kenya is incomparable to that one of britain.

My friend I hope you could grasp what is happening to the poor Kenyans. Majority have lost their jobs, businesses are on a downward path just because of the reckless statement by the the illegitimate.

*Britain colonized Kenya. Our freedom was fought for not given by anyone so stop those insults.

*First of all they didn't give us independence, we fought for it. Secondly a lockdown must have cushion programs for those who wake up in the morning to hustle and take something home, without such then you are depressing the nation further.

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