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'Real Hustler' Meet The First President To Campaign Using Bicycle(PHOTOS)

Under normal circumstances,politicians are believed to be among the tycoons who have a lot of money.This has been proved by the lavish lifestyle that most political leaders live.A number of politicians usually hold maga rallies using fleet of vehicles and even helicopters.However,here comes a president who used bicycle for his campaigns.

President Rahmani Mohammed Sangin

In the year 2009 political campaigns in Afghan ,Southern Asia,a man by the name Sangin Mohammed Rahmani who was among the aspirants protesting for the position of the president surprised may Afghanistan citizens when he was seen courageously using bicycle as a means of movement.Rahamni could left his wife and children very early in the morning and goes to the streets of major towns in Afghan using bicycle.Rahmani believed that his campaign tool could easily influence the heart of poor residents of Afghan.In addition to his bicycle,Rahmani could put his campaign posters on trees,walls and even on private cars whose owners could allow him.Rahmani could reach even into the villages he could hold meetings with residents.By good luck,Rahmani won the heart of Afghan residents and was elected as the president of Afghanistan in 2009,however,Rahamani resigned one year later due to political pressure from his powerful opponents and the Afghanistan laws which claimed that he didn't have enough educational documents to qualify him as a leader.The power was then taken by his opponent Hamid Karzai in 2011.

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