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Just In: Political Analyst Reveals Reason Why Raila Odinga Might Not Be Participating In 2027 GE

Fred Sasia, a political analyst, is of the opinion that Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM party, still possesses the necessary qualities to be actively involved in politics.

The commentator argues that it would be incorrect to infer that Raila's political career is over simply due to the fact that he has been defeated five times and the foundations of his support appear to be shifting. This is because the commentator believes that it would be incorrect to infer that Raila's political career is over due to the fact that he has been defeated five times.

He makes the observation that the former Prime Minister has, on multiple occasions since 2013, been in the same predicament, but has emerged from it more powerful each time. He does this by referring to the fact that the previous Prime Minister was in office.

Raila has, in his opinion, perfected the skill of reinventing himself for each election, and as a result, there is no political motivation that can force him to step down from his position as prime minister.

"In 2013, a lot of people believed that it was the end of the road for him, but he adjusted his strategy and came back stronger, and even his most passionate admirers couldn't grasp it," Sasia said in an interview with The Star. "Even his most ardent followers couldn't grasp it when he revised his strategy and came back stronger," says the author.

Only natural forces, specifically his age, which he argues is not on his side, can dictate that Raila step away from the active political arena before 2027, according to him. He claims that his age is not on his side. This is the only natural force that possesses the capability to do so.

According to him, the only thing that is preventing Raila from advancing at the moment is his advanced age, which is causing even his most ardent supporters to begin to doubt him. This is because of the fact that his age is a factor. He claims that this is the only thing holding him back at the moment.

According to another observation that he made, "the distinguishing element now is that age has caught up with him, his zealous fans are not so impassioned, change is not so close, and his magnetism is on trial."

Raila has not commented on whether or not he will be leaving office despite the fact that he has made the statement that he will retire if he loses again earlier when the campaigns were going on. Raila made this statement when he was running for office.

The leader of the Wiper party, Kalonzo Musyoka, appears to have taken on the task of attacking the government as part of his alliance, which is known as Azimio La Umoja. It would appear that he is carrying out these actions in order to get ready for the presidential elections that will take place in 2027, in which he has already announced his intention to run.

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