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"You Threatened to Jail Corrupt Leaders if Elected, Your Allies Will Also go to Jail" Raila Told

Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichng'wa has urged Raila Odinga to keep His promise of jailing corrupt politicians if He ascends to power, saying that His close allies will be the first to rot in jail since they have been accused of very many corruption instances with a series of court cases.

Ichung'wa claims that Raila decided to send threats to Tangatanga politicians recently in every political avenue He gets, while claiming that He will jail some of them due to corruption, something that the Mp feels is pure revenge in waiting and political hate. He further told Him to implement the tactic immediately He becomes president, and watch most of His allied politicians go to jail, since they lead in corruption cases.

"We have been hearing Raila trying to send fear and threats to the Tangatanga faction and other opposing independent figures that He will start sending them to jail because of their past corruption cases if He gets to power. This is not genuine and I think it's just hate and revenge and I urge Him to keep up the good work and practice what He preaches if He is given the opportunity to lead this Country. Funny enough, politicians in His camp will be leading in the group which will go to jail they are the most corrupt. "The Mp says.

While speaking of development, the Mp blamed Uhuru for allegedly stopping the construction of roads in Kiambu and other Mt Kenya regions, and encouraging corruption in the system that saw many contractors do a very bad job, and hence going against His promise for the people. Ichung'wa also added that Uhuru instead concentrated in making the Nairobi expressway and burdening Kenyans for something that Has no economic value, adding that Uhuru has disregard for the poor who voted Him in when He came up with such projects.

"Immediately after Uhuru joined His Handshake brother, He stopped the construction of roads in Kiambu and Mt Kenya in general, making Him a terrible liar who went against His promises and even encouraged corrupt individuals who made it easier for corruption to thrive in the whole construction activity. He later took the money to fund the construction of the expressway which does not benefit Kenyans at all, and looking down upon the people who elected Him. That is very ungrateful. "He added.

Ichung'wa spoke during the Kiambu County economic forum today

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