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UDA Party Denies The Fake Agreement Between Them, ANC And Ford Kenya

The united democratic association party has denied the information conveyed by the Saturday standard newspaper claiming that the Amani national Congress party,Ford Kenya party and the UDA Party had come into terms to share power in a respectable manner.

"It has come to the attention 9f the party that there's inaccurate information reported by the headline of the standard newspaper of 29th January 2022, which states that and I quote " revealed how UDA allies plan to share power and has since been replicated through other media platforms on the purported agreement between UDA, ANC and Ford Kenya party," she wrote.

According to the letter released to the public by the UDA secretary general Veronica Maina, UDA has said that those are just speculation and the information is based on journalism assumption. She wrote that the real deal will be unveiled to the public with the principles of the pact.

They have also asked their members and the members who are involved in the pact to ignore such fake news.

"These media report are speculative and based on journalism assumption. The details of the cooperation between UDA, ANC and Ford Kenya and any other political party if at all any,will be formally unveiled by the principal at an appropriate time. In the meantime I wish to urge members of the public and the member and Supporter of the respective parties involved to ignore mispresentation and treat it with contempt it deserves," it added.

The UDA Party secretary general insisted that the pact between them and Mudavadi and any other party is not meant to have power sharing but to enact the bottom up economic model and the pesa mfukoni with an aiming of putting Kenyans first.

"The cooperation between UDA ANC and Ford Kenya is aimed at, bringing all Kenyans together, driving all Kenyans towards economic prosperity by adapting the "bottom up economic model and the pesa mfukoni model" and not at all intend at sharing position of power at the expense of what is important and priority to the common mwananchi under the umbrella of Kenya Kwanza," it added.

UDA concluded that the pact between them and ANC and Ford Kenya has created and continues to create more tremors in the political field.

"Our cooperation has and continues to create more earthquake tremors across the political scene of our country and our competitors are supporting such fake or speculative headline in order to achieve a certain narrative. We remind our competitors that "hatupangwingwi" na "tusidanganyane".the letter read.

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