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Roselyn Akombe alleges why Tangatanga is obsessed to oppose the BBI

Roseyln Akombe.

Tangatanga and Kieleweke allied MP's have been making different stand on the BBI report and things are now taking shape and those who are willing to support the BBI report have already crossed the bridge. DP Ruto stand hungs in balance with one leg inside another one out. DP Ruto is left at the center of supporting president Uhuru dream of the BBI or keep his allies and push to fight Hon. Raila Odinga in 2022.

Just like Tangatanga rejected the report before they will never accept the report no matter what is changed. Hon. Raila Odinga has been in opposition and he understands that better and that is why he stated clearly that nothing will change in the report. Former IEBC commissioner revealed why DP Ruto and his Tangatanga allied MP's remain defiant in support of the BBI report. They want to remain in opposition because of this,

"Some people profiteer from being "opposition" leaders. They always "win" in any political contest. They use their "support base" to negotiate deals for themselves & their cronies. Anybody trying to take the "opposition" slot is disinheriting them, so they unleash the Beast on them." Roseyln Akombe.

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