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Meet Wickliffe Oparanya's Two Beautiful Wives And Lovely Son

Oparanya was born in Butere Kakamega county sometimes back in 1956. He is one powerful personality today owing he is the chairman council of governors and a person keen to be the next thing after 2022 elections owing he is at the centre of BBI programmes and politics.


Wickliffe Oparanya is a family man and person who really takes his family as his everything. He is married to two wives Priscilla Oparanya and Caroline Mchome Oparanya but is on record affirming that he did not intend at all to have a third wife.

Oparanya has been blessed with three children who include Doreen Ambetsa and Ondutso. Its children who largely remain off public limelight as nothing much about them is in the public limelight. They are specialist in their own field pursuing their dreams independently though none seems to have interests in politics.


Ian Oparanya is son to Kakamega governor Wickliffe Oparanya and just like his father, he is hardworking as well determined to be the best. He was once congratulated by his father through twitter after graduating from the university of Brantford.

Much details about Oparanya wives remain scanty and largely off public limelight. Nothing much is the public limelight about Wickliffe Oparanya two wives as well children despite him being a powerful public figure in the country.

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