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Road Accident

"My Father Died After Giving The Government a 48 Hours Ultimatum" George Morara's Daughter Cries Out

George Morara who was a member of parliament for Mugirango West Constituency in 1970 lasted barely 9 months in the August house before death snatched him away. 

The young law maker both in age and the political scene is said to have given the government a 48-hour ultimatum to produce a known convict who had assassinated Tom Mboya

Morara had a personal touch with Tom Mboya since he had been a beneficiary of his US airlift programme. 

He felt that there were some injustices in handling Tom Mboya's assassination case.

Before the lapse of those 48 hours, Morara perished in a road accident as he was travelling from Kakamega to his home in Kisii. 

His vehicle is said to have collided with a police land Rover but the government first told the voice of Kenya that it had collided with a lorry, therefore raising suspicions on whether it was a normal accident or premeditated.

51 years after his death, his daughter Sandy Morara has embarked on a quest of establishing what caused their father’s death saying all they want is closure and for him to be named as a hero. 

Sandy Morara says that her father who died when she was less than 5 years old might have died from political assassination. Their mother who was only 24 at the time of their father's death died in 2010.

Watch the video detailing George Morara's death here;

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