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Road Accident

"Drama" After a Man Escapes Death Narrowly Trying to Hang on Presidential Escort Vehicle

An unidentified man today nearly lost his life after he was almost crushed by a presidential escort car. According to a video seen on Sikika Road Safety YouTube channel, the man tried to ran towards the over speeding vehicle probably to hang on it and get the attention of the president.[Photo Courtesy]

Unfortunately, he fell down and the worst was expected to happen to him. The over speeding car tried to evade him so that he would not be crashed to death. Luck was on his side when suddenly a bodyguard appeared and pulled him away from the road.

The unidentified man looked like he was shocked by how things escalated very fast. He ran towards the crowd trying to hide his shameful act. The people who were near him chased him away while trying to beat him up. The people were angered by his actions and it looked like they wanted to give him a lesson.

Surprisingly, the police were at the scene and they did nothing to the man. According to some people, they claimed that maybe the man wanted to face the president so that he can raise his grievances. Others hailed the professionalism of the bodyguard and how he saved the man. Here are some of their reactions.

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