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Disease Jill Biden is Suffering From That She Had To Undergo Surgery in Company of Biden

While her 80-year-old husband is the oldest American president, Jill Biden is the oldest first lady in US history. She is thought to have a significant influence within the White House and would be essential to a reelection campaign, which Biden has hinted he will pursue but has not yet officially declared.

Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States, had two malignant growths surgically removed by doctors on Wednesday, and she is now deemed to be in no danger, according to the White House physician.

President Joe and Jill Biden took an early-morning helicopter ride to the suburbs of Washington, D.C.'s Walter Reed National Medical Center for the outpatient treatment known as Mohs surgery.

Jill Biden had "facial swelling and bruising" following surgery, according to a statement from White House physician Kevin O'Connor, but she was otherwise in good spirits and doing well.

She arrived back at the White House later on Wednesday and, according to her spokeswoman Vanessa Valdivia, was "doing well and in excellent spirits."

The modest procedure was initially planned by medical professionals to remove a lesion from the area around her right eye and to check if it was malignant.

"The little lesion was determined to be basal cell carcinoma through the surgery. The margins were free of any cancer cells after the removal of all cancerous tissue "O'Connor composed. leftover skin.

He continued, "We do not believe any other treatments will be required, but we will examine the area constantly as it heals.

On the left side of Jill Biden's chest, doctors discovered another lesion that was later determined to be malignant and was also surgically removed, he wrote.

On her left eyelid, they discovered another "small tumor" that was "completely removed, with margins, and was sent for standard microscopic investigation."

"Basal cell carcinoma lesions "don't seem to spread or metastasis, like some more deadly skin malignancies," said O'Connor.

If performed early enough, the Mohs surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia, is thought to be quite effective at removing skin cancerous growths.

More than six hours after the Bidens arrived at the hospital, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that "the first lady's treatment is continuing well."

Jean-Pierre said when asked what the president was up to during the protracted hospital visit: "about his wife today. Right now, the president is concentrating on it."

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