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A Soft Row Ensue On Citizen TV Over Proposed Huge Retirement Benefits Involving CountyState officers

It will bring Kenyans to their knees if not 'kill them'. Already there is a heavy burden before 'common mwanachi' involving high prices of fuel which has elicited mixed reactions from various stakeholders painting the government with negative criticisms. With new enormous proposed retirement scheme involving county state officers, that is the Governors, Deputy Governors, Speakers and a big number of MCAs, it will definitely 'create holes in the taxpayers pockets' considering the high living standards we are engaged in at the moment.

Morning debate on Citizen TV did shade more light into this arrangement, hosted by Sam Gituku and his panelists present being, Maoka Maore, Ledama Olekina, Ndegwa Wahome and Bungoma governor, Wycliffe Wangamati, a lot was brought forward to the very knowledge and understanding of citizens.

While just bringing the highlights, the proposed bill seeks to pay the retiring county state officials talked above, for a great length of period. For governors, deputy governors and speakers, they will part away with a one time figure of approximate 11 million and 80% of their basic salary for life. On the part of members of county assemblies who are over 2000 in Kenya, there will be a contributory scheme reserved for them.

Nyandarua speaker Wahome and second time gubernatorial candidate for Bungoma, Wycliffe, did speak the same language supporting the bill with governor saying that they did have lengthy and widely talks over the same with various stakeholders Involving the president too. He further says that when a governor is assured of such retirement benefits over his/her life, there will be no issues to do with corruption since he/she will already have enough money and instead just focus on developments.

Narok senator shunned their scheme and idea of discussion all over and offered a bit of advisory by quoting the constitution where it states that such 'money schemes' could only be ratified once SRC or Parliament have a say over it and not just being based solely on counties.

Atleast you can get the sense of what is being suggested by counties through their council of Governors. It is a huge undertaking towards the taxpayers. Do you agree with the governors' new direction?

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