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Woman Lights Up Moments in a Polling Station After she Showed up with a Fake Child to Avoid Queue

A creative woman left voters laughing after she was caught with a fake child in her arms. The woman who had made her way to a polling station thought it would take long for her to practice her democratic right decision to go along with the infant to escape the long queue.

According to the electoral body, old people, pregnant women, women with children, sick people and people with disabilities are taken as vulnerable people, and with that in mind, they are given priority in casting their votes since they cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions for long.

In today's elections, Kenyans turned out in large numbers to practice their democratic rights, and that being the case, they came up with creative ideas to beat the long queues. In another scenario, a man was seen carrying a small child on his back to beat the time that would leave him standing for hours, they were however discovered before casting their votes.

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