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Kenyan Writes A Letter To The President Over Curfew, See Reactions From Citizens on Twitter

Kenyans have faced many challenges since the entry of the Corona virus infections into the country. Many average citizens have been struggling to meet ends meet at a time the cost of living has risen to levels that do not compare a common man's income. The biting financial times were occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic and things have never normalised since. The pandemic resulted in massive job losses and closure of businesses that saw income levels dwindle and levels of poverty and dependency rise unpropotionatetly.

The government through the Ministry of Health set out safety protocols and guidelines dubbed containment measures against the spread of the Corona virus. Among these were;Social distancing, regular handwashing and proper use of face masks. Additionally, the government came up with a raft of measures fight the spread of the deadly infection. Lock downs and curfews were instituted to minimize movement of people from one place to another. This had a serious economic impact on kenyans especially businesses men who travel often to get goods or dependended on 24 hour economy.

The curfews did help manage the covid situation in the country but it became unpopular with Kenyans because of the harassment by police officers. The curfew was turned into a cash cow for money hungry officers who extorted money from citizens. This blatant extortion has raised serious concerns among kenyans who are now asking the President to lift the curfew. A kenyan known as Tom Mshindi has penned a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to scrap the curfew thing .Netizens who took to Twitter to react to this tweet by Gabriel Oguda have largely agreed on government abolishing curfew because the police will continue exploiting kenyans who are already impoverished.

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