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Road Accident

Kenyans Reaction After Ruto Storm In Meru

There was some confusion when Vice President William Ruto's car arrived in Maua, Meru County.

However, a man took the opportunity to make a noise and tried to attract DP Ruto's attention by holding his hand as Ruto's bodyguards stood next to the car.

Large crowds gathered to welcome DP Ruto as happy people led his passengers, but at one point, when they reached the town of Maua, the convoy stopped as residents surrounded Ruto.

However, the crowd behind Ruto's car began to search for UDA ads, such as shirts and hats, thrown at the crowd.

Crowds in the back of Ruto's car in this video are seen beating the distributor. The commotion drew the attention of the DP on his bus to the crowd and he turned to see what was happening.

Ruto's security guards at the time were trying to control the crowd as villagers pushed each other to ask the occupant of the vehicle for the item.

As the DP focused on what was going on behind him, a man grabbed Ruto's hand and quickly let Ruto's guards who surrounded his car understand what had happened.

Ruto is smiling as he sees the Maua people "fighting" for what UDA turned around and stretches out his hand thinking that the person holding his hand wants to thank him.

The DP wanted to punch the man, but his bodyguards chased him away, and Ruto began to shave his hands when no one greeted him. Ruto continued to watch the noise while laughing as he waved to people to calm them down before his motorcycles moved on.

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