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CS Kindiki replaces all Regional commissioners

Professor Kithure Kindiki, cabinet secretary for interior, has chosen new regional commissioners around the nation. This occurs a year after George Natembeya's resignation as the Rift Valley's regional commissioner.

The most well-known regional coordinator in the earlier years who dealt with various bandits throughout the Rift Valley was undoubtedly George Natembeya. He resigned in order to run for and win the position of Governor of Tranzoia County.

Natembeya is therefore lucky that the replacement only came after he was no longer a regional commissioner.

NTV posted a notice on their official Facebook page inviting comments about the change of regional coordinators. One admirer who was present expressed his admiration for Natembeya's choice to leave his work early and claimed to understand his motivation.

Kindiki is a man of no nonsense, as he has previously demonstrated. Replacing every regional commissioner at once would undoubtedly be a bad idea, but Kindiki would not care; if the new regional commissioners fail him, perhaps his renowned knowledge and wisdom will allow him to rule the entire country alone.

If Kindiki was correct to remove the commissioners, only time will tell.

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