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Reverse Phycology: How Uhuru Duped Raila and Made Ruto More Powerful- Alai's 2021 Video Explains

Reverse psychology involves asserting a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, desiring that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what is actually desired. This manipulation takes the form of self-anticonformity where the person advocates for an opposite position to their true goal. This is aimed at getting a rejection on what he's actually advocating and pushing the person being manipulated towards the opposite direction.

If this is anything to go by, then the current happenings where president Uhuru Kenyatta was campaigning for Raila Odinga while de-campaigning against William Ruto is a clear example of reverse psychology.

According to a 2021 video clip by Robert Alai Uhuru was actually duping Raila Odinga into believing that he was actually supporting his presidential bid but his main agenda was contrary to that. According to Alai, president Uhuru understands the potency of 'sympathy politics' better than every politician in Kenya.

In his push to subbotage his deputy, Uhuru was his deputy even more powerful to a level that he wouldn't have been ignored. Alai went ahead to allege that the numerous arrests of Ruto's allies without any concrete action being taken against them was giving Ruto a ground to become more popular.

According to Alai, Uhuru knew that if he supports Ruto following their agreement of "yangu kumi, yako kumi" would have received a big rejection and Ruto would have easily lost to his competitor. So in order to avoid this , Uhuru applied the reverse psychology where he held Raila's hand for the presidency.

All the intimidation by Uhuru administration against Ruto were nothing but fuel further sympathy for his deputy which gave him a soft landing in this year's elections.

Below is the link to Alai's video;

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