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Babu Owino Explains Why Kenya Doesn't Need Ruto As President

Speaking from Jesus Teaching Ministry Soweto Church in Embakasi East Constituency, the Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino moved the crowd as he explained why Raila Odinga deserves to be the next President of this country and not Ruto.

Babu who had invited Raila for a fellowship, gave a brief speech which he used to evangelize that there are some different types of people that you should always avoid in life or else you will never prosper in life.That the bible says what the mouth says and what the tongue confesses shall come to pass.

He referred to them as the "oh no people." People who never see anything good and whose tongues usually confess negativity and mediocrity.

The Embakasi East Member of Parliament advised that you should avoid people who keep saying "oh no, you will not succeed. Oh no, he'll never win over his addition." Just the negative type of people.

Politically, he said that people who keep saying that "oh no, we promised this but we are giving this should never be given a chance to lead. "Oh no, we promised laptops but take wheelbarrows, oh no we promised state of the art stadia but we are promising four million jobs" and that we should instead go for the "yes" and "amen" people. People who keep their promises and always speaking positively. "Yes we are going to attain victory, yes it's possible to give every jobless Persons sh.6000 monthly stipend and yes mama mbogas will be given funds to start or boost their businesses."

Babu Owino went ahead to tell the story of Ezekiel 37:1-10 which talks about the Lord God having the power to flesh dry bones and breathe life in them for people to walk again.As an explanation of why the ODM party leader Raila Odinga's presidency will come to pass courtesy of God's doing, irregardless of what people think of him, the MP said that "in the valley of dry bones, God fleshed dry bones and breathed life in them and they became people again."

"In 2022, God is going to breathe life into you Baba and you are going to be the next President of Kenya," Babu Owino said.

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