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SRC to Review The Salary for Civil servants Over High Cost of Living

As electioneering period is coming closer, the country is struggling with the high cost of living. The cost of living has increased, weakening the purchasing power of the Citizens when their monthly salaries do not meet the cost of different commodities in the market.

According to Citizens News, hard way of living will led Salaries and Renumeration Commission to review the salary for civil servants in Kenya. Civil servants will be deducted their salary like other top leaders in the country such as president. This will be made when proposal made by Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). SRC give out a proposal to the Parliament which will require government to reduce salaries and allowances of public officers. The proposal will be reviewed after every four years as a means to match the increasing cost of living. If approved, the plan will bridge the gap in the salary review procedure in the public service, which currently does not have a clear timeline. The approval will also see public officers such as teachers, lecturers, doctors and nurses join State officers such as the Head of State and Members of Parliament whose pay is reviewed after every four years. The review will be determined by the extent of the cost of living at a particular time.

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