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Divorce Affair

Babu Owino: Azimio Is Within Known Reasons for Divorce

Eastern Embakasi MP Babu Owino today made a controversial speech against his coalition. Initially, he was known as a Raila loyalist, but the betrayal was carried out in the DPRD. Referring to the bid for several seats in parliament, Azimio said he was not sure about the future of his coalition.

This came as he expressed displeasure at his coalition's move to appoint Mbadi as well. "Marriage in the coalition sleeps. Divorce comes soon. This is how the coalition usually works every day to satisfy the desires of the few. The youth are not listened to when we are active every day to oppose the government's actions in the proper way. "Don't say Babu didn't tell us." Embakasi said Eastern House of Representatives member Babu Owino.

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