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Reasons Why DP Ruto Might Work With Raila Odinga In 2022 (Opinion)

They say anything in politics is just possible and probable and nothing really is impossible. This is the nature of politics across the world as allies have turned fouls and the contrary as well has happened. It has also happened in Kenya where Uhuru and Odinga came together despite their differences that were thought to be irreconcilable.

Its therefore to say that nothing really stops William Ruto and Raila Odinga from working together ahead of 2022 if they see no need to go it separately. It's as well clear that Uhuru Kenyatta most likely will support an alliance of Gideon Moi and Mudavadi a reason the unity of Raila Odinga and William Ruto is as well in the offing.

Its likely for William Ruto to shelve his political ambitions for Raila Odinga than for the latter owing to many factors including age as well vast political experience. This might see DP Ruto work with Raila Odinga together ahead of 2022 to defeat a government sponsored candidate.

Thi has been confirmed by Raila Odinga brother Oburu Odinga who opines that the differences between Raila Odinga and DP Ruto are just political but never personal. It's this factors that can make the two leaders work together on matters 2022.

However it will never be easy to convince William Ruto to support Raila owing he has already been compagning for a long time looking forward to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta. It will therefore be a miracle to have him shelve his ambitions in support of Odinga but still something possible politically as circumstances might lead them into a coalition that most likely would ultimately form the next government.

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