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Concerns as Cameras Covering the Parliament Proceedings Live go Off

Another showdown is looming today as members of National Assembly convene yet again on a special sitting. The house is set to have a three day special sitting programme running from today 5th January all the way to 7th January. The sittings are expected to run until late in the night if what we saw in the last special sittings is what to go by.

Today as MPs were entering the chambers, anyone watching from home could tell that it was going to be a difficult day. The Sergeant art arms seemed to as sensed danger as they didn't just let members in freely as usually. The male MPs were frisked to ensure that none of them carried anything harmful. Ladies on the other hand had to hand over their purses for a thorough search for anything dangerous. The MPs were also not allowed to carry bottles of water into the house.

A few minutes past 10 the proceedings started as planned. The temperature rose almost immediately as Honorable Aden Duale rose on a point of order which sought to erase what was done in the last sitting which went all the way to 2am in the morning.

Suddenly, the cameras went off and the screen turned dark. This happened in both Bunge TV and KBC TV. People suspect that there may be something pre planned to prevent Kenyans from seeing what's going on in the August house. Even the audio keeps on getting distorted, so it's hard to follow.

Despite all this, please stay tuned as I will ensure I update you on everything going on in the national assembly. Thanks for reading.

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