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Latest Opinion Poll Results Showing That Millicent Omanga Is Leading In The Nairobi Women Rep Race

Ester passaris, Millicent Omanga, Elizabeth Ongoro and Beatrice kwamboka are among the candidates who are vieying for the women representatives in Nairobi County in the next general elections, according to the latest opinion poll results.

According to current opinion poll findings, Millicent Omanga is leading by 46%, Followed by Esther Passaris with 44% , Elizabeth Ongoro with 6% come third and lastly Beatrice Kwamboka and 4% in the race to win the women representatives seat in region in 2022.

In Nairobi , who do you believe will earn the most votes?

In order for Millicent Omanga to defeat the other four competitors in a huge race she needs the backing from Nairobi residents, in my opinion. What we see on social media differs from what we see on the ground.

It's now a wait-and-see game to see if DP Ruto Ally Millicent Omanga would wins the Nairobi seat for women representative.

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