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If elected, George Wajackoyah promises to legalize marijuana

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After vowing to legalize bhang if elected president in August, presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has reignited the discussion over its legalization. Wajackoyah's comments come only days after Thailand became the first Asian country to decriminalize marijuana.

Bhang is banned in Kenya, according to the immigration lawyer, because it was made unlawful by Africa's colonial overlords. "It is necessary to plant bhang. If they plant marijuana in the United States. What was the source of it? If you're in Jamaica, you can plant it and buy it in stores. The Europeans are to blame for instilling in Africans the belief that it is harmful, but the truth is that it (bhang) is perfectly safe "he stated

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He claimed that through Christianity, Europeans persuaded Africans to give up bhang and accept their whisky cocktails and tobacco cigarettes. "If the bhang grown in Bunyore is shipped to the United Kingdom, it can genuinely help people. We were taught as children in church that chang'aa and bhang are terrible, but whisky and tobacco cigarettes are okay. Our forefathers smoked bhang and stayed up all night " he said .

Kenya, according to Wajackoyah, could use the facility to boost its economy and perhaps create jobs. "Our job is to plant it and then sell it on the open market. Let us put that money to good use in order to grow our economy. Let's confront the facts. If there is anything we can do to improve our economy, we should do it. It's fine if we create soap or cancer medication "Wajackoyah remarked.

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He acknowledged that the only issue is excessive usage, but said that it is usual for people to take more than the recommended amount, which can be dangerous. "Only that abusing something is harmful, and that abusing alcohol is bad. Anything that is excessive is harmful. Let us just face it and put an end to these declarations that bhang is harmful, despite the fact that you are participating in other social vices and claim that bhang is terrible because Europeans said so "said the attorney.

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