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Governor Sakaja Responds To Ahmednasir's Tweet After Claiming He Is Breaking The Law

Following the order that was issued by Governor Sakaja a ban on all nightclubs operating in residential areas. Sakaja's order was accompanied by mixed reactions from the public and bar owners.

Some of this reaction seemed like Governor Sakaja was breaking the law since he is not doing fairly to eliminate noise pollution.

Ahmednasir posted reacting on the issued about the noisy churches which seemed to have been ignored by the Governor and he said this, "If we obey the law we will not disagree. Obeying, enforcing the law is not discretionary. No one has power to break, overlook or override the law...that is why MY Governor Sakaja Johnson is breaking the law in saying he will not enforce the law on noise pollution against churches."

This information was very sensitive to Governor Sakaja and he had to reply so as to remove all the doubts on his fight against noise pollution.

"My friend; did you read the story or you’re as gullible to clickbait? Churches and mosques will go through the same process the clubs did. We started with dialogue."

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