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President Uhuru Responds to Various Issues Affecting His Administration

How President Uhuru responded to various issues affecting his administration

Building Bridges Initiative

It is most unfortunate people have forgotten why we were looking at this and, for short-term political gain, have decided to deny Kenyans what is legitimately in their interest.

It was not about who was going to be president or who was not going to be. How many times have I told you people, I am very grateful to the Almighty God and the people of Kenya for the opportunity they've given me? I am more than happy to serve out my time and finish my programme.

BBI court rulingl

We have a ruling, we obey, and we move on and continue to consult with people who think the same as we do.

I am not the only proponent of these changes. I will not give up, I always believe that one must fight for those things that he believes in, whether in office or out of office, I will continue to fight and advocate for those things that I believe in.

I have not lost anything, just the feeling of sadness that we could actually, for political reasons, deny our own people something that would have not only improved their lives and livelihoods, but made Kenya a more cohesive society.

And it is my hope and my prayer that like-minded people who believe in these fundamental principles, and who believe and see Kenya long into the future and not within the context of their political life, will continue to advocate for these things until we have a much fairer and more just society.

Why him and Ruto are at cross purposes

The issues that we have been trying to achieve with the BBI are the same issues that brought me and him together. 

On CDF inequity

So when you have a Member of Parliament receiving Sh100 million and another one also receiving Sh100 million. One distributes Sh100 million to 50,000 people. Another is distributing Sh100 million to one million people, is that equity? That child in Mathare or Kibera, will he ever have an opportunity of going to university, if the highest bursary he can ever receive is Sh5,000?

Who does he think should succeed him?

It is not my duty, nor is it my responsibility to tell people or to tell Kenyans how or where they should vote. But it is my duty to remind Kenyans that they need to look at who they vote for, and why they are voting for that particular person, and like, I'm saying, it is unfortunate that within among us there are those who will sacrifice interest over personal political agendas, and I believe these are the things that Kenyans need to look for.

Fight against corruption

We have done the best we can, even if you actually look at the situation as it exists, new cases of corruption are few and far in between if you look at it over the years. The key problem that we have today is not tackling corruption as much as handling the cases that are still pending.

It (fight against corruption) is in the hands of other independent institutions who, as you have seen you, cannot say that I am objecting to them when they have ruled against my election, twice against something that I have been pushing.

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