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Tharaka Nithi Senator Prof.Kithure Kindiki's Early Facebook Post Backfires.

From the time Prof Kithure Kindiki, who is the senator for Tharaka Niithi county ,was whipped from senate deputy speaker, he has grown to be a number one critic to the government he once defended to death . Early today he had a specific post, which resulted to series of attacks on his Facebook page .

"..Kenyans ought to make the 2022 elections an ideological contest between exploitative centralism versus dispersal of public power and resources to the grassroots. Our Constitution demands that power must follow functions.

The health function, for example, is 99% devolved, yet the National Government annual health budget is nearly double the total annual health budget of all the 47 counties combined! To keep the counties fighting each other over crumbs is the sly but cheap strategy of the centralists.

Devolution was never intended to generate useless fights between Kilifi and Muranga, Tharaka Nithi and Siaya or Marsabit and Kericho, over peanuts. Devolution denotes the 47 counties as alternative centres of national growth and shared prosperity demanding dispersal of adequate nationally raised revenue from one centre of red tape, arbitrariness and frequent theft. When this is achieved, we must thereafter devise ways of flushing out the droves of thieves, robbers and economic bandits who have relocated to the counties and are circling over the carcass like cruel beasts of prey. #WAKATI NI SASA! " Wrote Prof Kindiki

The following were the reaction from his followers :-

" It's not useless fight. What makes u believe that you have a more moral pedestal status to safeguard loss of revenue in your county than Kangata who is equally fighting over what his county is being denied? Why is that you have become so vocal and throwing barbs at national government when u have been removed from leadership? All of a sudden you have an EUREKA moment that national government has been denying counties funds. Politicians are very deceptive. Anyway..It's your time to steal the show.."

" When power left you is when you start reasoning, you enjoyed everything and forget why you were elected now u are back here on social media crying with long post plz we are not part of this we moved on long long time ago sir whatever you are guyz are doing now know that you are not representing kenyans."

" You went to Hague and defended thieves and murderers. You came back to Kenya and campaigned for them until u saw that they got power. Now, because they kicked u our of office kule senate, you are now here telling us what we already know. By the way, who is this that you want us to elect in 2022? The person who opposed the 2010 constitution ? "

" Where did you sell your brain for the last seven years when the jubilee was milking the country dry.I don't believe you.Your stomach was your only agemate "

" Untill you apologise for feeding the hyena for 7years nobody will take you serious. It will be presumed as tantrums for being whipped "

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