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"Why Are You Worried Yet Raila is Calm" Jalang'o Asks Kenyans, See Reactions

The majority of Kenyans are feeling the strain to know whether or not the candidate they supported in the election is going to come out on top as they anxiously await the announcement of the final results.

Raila and Ruto are the ones who have been leading among the four presidential contenders, and they are the ones who have been beating each other with tiny margins every time an update is provided. Raila and Ruto have been the ones who have been ahead.

Due to the fact that the results have not yet established who will be sitting in the presidential seat, Kenyans are forced to speculate on who will come out on top. As long as people continue to have faith that their preferred candidate will triumph, speculation will continue to rule the day.

Felix Odiwour, also known as Jalang'o, shared a picture on his Facebook page that had him and Raila, along with a question that was directed to Kenyans "Today I spent time with Baba. Even though Baba isn't concerned, you seem to be. Why is that?"

Kenyans reacted in a variety of different ways to this news. The snapshot caused some of them to believe that he seemed stressed, while others demonstrated that they continue to have trust in him.

The following are the various responses received:

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