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Joe Biden Turns 78 Years Old Today Setting A New Record In US Since 1776

Joe Biden in checked shirt and his siblings [Photo: Courtesy]

On a beautiful day like this in the year 1942, a handsome baby boy was born to Joseph Biden and Catherine Eugenia Finnegan in Scranton city of Pennsylvania State of the United States.

The boy would end up being interested in politics, becoming one of the youngest senators in the US history and living all his adult life as a politician.

78 years after being born, the boy now turned an old man is only remaining with 61 days to be sworn in as the 46th US president after defeating the incumbent Donald Trump in the elections that were held 17 days prior to his birthday.

November 20th 2020 marks Joe Biden Jr's 78th birthday and as he's preparing to take over the leadership of the world's superpower, he's now a year older than the oldest US president to leave office.

From the George Washington presidency in 1776 to Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan who served as the 40th US president from 1981-1989 remained as the oldest person to leave the White House.

Reagan who passed away in 2004 completed his term in 1989 at the age of 77 years and it seems Joe Biden is going to take that record away from him.

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