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Another Junior Government Official's Bank Account Frozen After Receiving 75M While Earning 32K

A bank account belonging to Samuel njoroge kariuki has been frozen by the high court who is being suspected of acquiring his wealth from corruption of public funds.

His bank account statement has an amount of 78 million.The High court claimed that the bank balance of Samuel doesn't not match his salary thus the amount is believed to have been obtained through corruption.

"That apart from his salary, the respondents received numerous large sums of money from his employer the Ministry of Environment and Forestry amounting to Ksh.79,763,944," reads court papers.

Samuel Kariuki works at the ministry of environment aand forestry as a finance officer earning a salary figure of ksh.32,000,this report was released by the Ethics and Anti corruption commission.

"The Commission's findings have raised reasonable suspicion that considering the respondent's salary, the credits into his bank account are disproportionate to his known legitimate known sources of income, and could have been obtained through corrupt conduct."the court stated.

However, further investigation are undergoing to investigate the source of the money.

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