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'Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati' Kenyans React After This Man Pens Love Letter To Sabina Chege

A Facebook user who goes by the name Ouma Allan Has decided to break his silence over the deep crush that he has over murang'a women representative Honorable Sabina Chege. To what seemed like a joke, this courageous man has decided to write a whole page demonstrating the kind of love he has over this politician.

However, it is alleged that this is the second time that Allan is expressing his love over Sabina Chege. It can be recalled that two years ago, the same man tried the same but he was unable to reach out to Sabina Chege.

This story has elicit reactions as majority now claims that the man lack total respect to his elders. Despite all these, this gentleman has been congratulated for coming out clean to clear the air over his love for Sabina. Let's wait and see if he will receive the reply as he requested.

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