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The Most Technological Adcanced Countries In African

Top 10 Most HI-Tech Covuntries In Africa.

Technology is growing at a very fast pace across the globe and the African continent is not left behind in technological advancements.

In coming with this list,we examined all of the 54 nations in African soil. These following countries have shown significant tech advancements not only in 2021 but also the last decades.


Population:44.27 million people.

Uganda is among 82 countries in the world that has advanced and technological capabilities. According to the 2020 global innovation index the country ranks 102 with a score of 25.60 and 9th in sub-saharan Africa.


Population: 2.495 million people.

Based on technological advancements in education and agriculture have guarantee NAMIBIA a place on this list. Based on the 2020 global innovation index the country is placed number 101 with a score of 25.85 as and is 8th in sub-saharan Africa.


Tanzania has experienced lots of growth in it's economy in recent times. World Bank announced the rise of the Tanzanian economy from low income to lower middle income status.

In regards to science and technology the countries working on a vision 2025 plan. According to the 2020 global innovation index it's ranked 97th with a score of 26.63 and is ranked 7 th in sub-saharan Africa.


Population:16.78 million people.

The country has one of the best developed tourist industries in Africa. It achieved full internet connection in 1996 which to me is astounding. According 2020 global innovation index the country ranks 96th overall with a score of 26.86 and is the 6th overall in sub-saharan Africa.


Population:12.98 million people.

The country was the first to launch the 4 G LTE broadband network which provided new opportunities to deliver better services across the country. According to the global innovation index the country is ranked 94th with a score of 27.38 and is the 5 th in sub-saharan Africa.

5. Botswana.

Population:2.35 million people.

The Country's innovation hub which is being backed up by the government designed to grow start-ups, global corporations and health and health organisations under one massive green roof to facilitate the growth of technology in the country. According to the 2020 global innovation index,it ranks 93rd with a score index of 27.43 and is 4th in sub-saharan Africa.


Population: 102.50 million people.

Egypt continues to spearhead information and technology in Africa. Egyptian government embraces technology with an attitude across all industries. Egypt is still a technological force to reckon with and this one of the most technological advanced countries in Africa. According to the global innovation index it's ranked 92 with a score index of 27.47.


Population:1.27 million people.

Mauritius is an island nation in the south east coast of the Indian Ocean. World Bank classified its economy as high-income. The ICT sector contributed to 5.7% of the country's GDP. According to the 2020 global innovation index it was ranked 82nd with a score of 30.61 and is the third sub saharan country in the list.


Population:53.87 million people.

Kenyan is definitely among the top African countries to be envied when it comes to technology. The country is seeing a lot of start up companies that may eventually form international platform for further technological advancement.

According to the international global index Kenya is ranked 77th and comes second in sub-saharan Africa.


Population:59.34 million people.

South Africa has maintained its top position as the most innovative and technological advanced country in Africa.

The global innovation index ranks the country 63rd with a score index if 30.04 and is the first from the African continent.

Thank you for reading.

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