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Why Youth Should Show Interest in National politics-Opinion

The society we live in that is well into the new millennium started to recognise serious concerns that affect the youth. Most of the young people state that they hate politics be cause they term politics as a dirty game and therefore should be avoided at all cost, they don't want to engage themselves into any political discourse.

Nonetheless, facts shows that endless partying, betting, heed to English football and social median is given much attention by the youth over important national issues and in turn this takes food away from their table.

The youth lose a lot of money in such practices. This generation believes that national challenges such as unemployment, wretched healthcare, improper education and poor infrastructure are sorted by only great policies through political choices at the ballot.

Election is not a one day affair, instead, it requires civic education, mobilisation and debates which youth have left for the old generation.

Its youth themselves who understand their needs and aspirations. Surfing the Internet, insulting people on social media and seeking financial assistance online will not solve the anxiety among the youth who are the larger population.

It is high time youth organised themselves and initiated concrete political affairs.

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