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The Strategic And Formidable Formation Hatched By Raila Meant To Harness Him Votes, The 4-U

He was in the 'mountain' again, and this time not to meet the tycoons, rather, the influential group in the society, the youths.

He spent a couple of hours listening to what they demanded as stakes in the government.

To begin with, they have forwarded to the alleged 5th president, Odinga, a number of ministerial positions granted fully to them, as one of the measures of ensuring adequate and equal representation among all.

When he stood up to speak, he first gave total attention to the relevant issues raised by huge 2022 young voters.

He said that he has listened and heard it all. He then went ahead to promise that in his administration, he would include atleast four positions to the vibrant young generation (youths).

On the other hand, he further came up with the 'Four-Us' that shall ensure attainment of his objectives. They mean the following, (Uwazi, Umoja, Usawa, Uzalishaji), and what they stand for is simply an elaborate, fair, honest and equal adminstration to all.

Country's resources, generally referred as the National cake, is one of the pillars that can either build or destroy societies. In this aspect, there is need to always consider equity while addressing such 'delicate affairs' in our jurisdiction.

We have seen how other countries have performed, more of advanced developments, like the US, Japan, Singapore and so on, and all is thanks to a working and effective administration that puts in mind all factors inconsideration so as to ensure maximum attainment of set goals, thus growth of the nation.

The ideas presented by Odinga are well okay, there is only one or two bits of flavour to be added, an effective team behind implementation incase they take the 'full basket' come 2022.

What do you say about all these, putting in mind the youths priorities?

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