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Mary Wambui Tax Evasion case dropped.

The 2.2 Billion tax evasion case against the Communication Authority chairperson Mary Wambui Dropped.

This comes after the D.P.P made an application to drop the graft case. It is evident that it is time for the President's allies to reap the fruits of unwavering support to the president. The Communication Authority chairperson, who had been previously accused with fifteen accounts of Tax evasion cases, with several dropped in 2019.

Mary Wambui was a Kenyan businesswoman who was charged with tax evasion in 2017. In her case, Wambui was accused of failing to pay taxes, totaling around $1.4 million, on income derived from her various businesses. She was arrested in January 2017 for failing to pay Ksh. 6.3 million in taxes to the Kenya Revenue Authority.

At her trial, Wambui said that she had been unaware of her obligation to pay taxes, and that her husband, who had managed their business affairs, had neglected to inform her of the tax burden. She also argued that the taxes were an excessive burden given the meager profits of her businesses.

The court found Wambui guilty of evading taxes and sentenced her to three years in prison, with an additional fine of Ksh. 6.3 million. However, the judge suspended the sentence on the basis that Wambui had paid the full amount of taxes due and had demonstrated good behavior. She was also ordered to pay an additional fine of Ksh. 780,000.

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