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Steps You Should Follow To Secure A Green Card

Many people would wish to go to USA for studies and work but a few always get the chances that the US government gives to immigrants every year. The entry of Joe Biden is a big win for Africans as he is expected to grant more slots yo Africans. Nonetheless, many Africans have succeeded in their joutney to USA. Today, i want to give you details of how to successfully apply and later get or win the lottery.

I have a number of friends including family members who live in the country of opportunities. I must say that they are well-off and if you wish to go there then don't worry. September and October are the months youvshould be keen on, every year and especially in those two months, the US government opens up their portal and you are required to fill the form and send it to their website.

The requirements are as follows:

1. A valid passport

2. A national ID

3. At least a form four certificate.

4. Any other credentials

In this case, you are requirwd to scan the copies and send. But how do one get a passport? You go to immigration offices in your county headquarters and you are required to pay some amount of money not exceeding 4000, and wait for a few months before you go for it. In this regard, you are required to look for the passport as early as now.

After that, you wait for the results to be announced the following year, probably June and July.

The second Step is if you have won the lottery and you are required to go to US embassy- Nairobi(if you are in Kenya) for an interview and the interview is not an easy task but if you are prepared then you are good to go. There, they ask you on varied issues relating to your money in your bank account, your host in USA and what are you going to do there. Tje US government is keen to ensure that people do not bring burden in their country. In thus regard, i urge you to have about 300dollars in your bank account(VISA Card) apart from the fare.

The third step is if you have been selected once again or you have passed the interview. You are requred to visit the embassy once more and you are passed through series of tests, that is health test. Probably, you are tested for Gonorhea, Syphilis and other tests. After which the results are given out and you are now ready to fly any time to the USA after you have received a green card.

Thank you, for more information Contact us via 0718134443/0793038855

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