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Senior Analyst Looks Into William Ruto's Advancement In Mount Kenya, Predicts Outcome Of 2022

Deputy President William Ruto is seeking to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. To secure the bulk of Kikuyu votes, he has centered his resources in Gema, hoping to sweep off the region under Kenyatta's nose.

Will he prevail? Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi compared the political journey of William Ruto to that of a Russian Civil Servant. He states that in both, the outcomes are similar.

''Once upon a time in Russia there lived a man called Accent Ivanovic, he was a civil servant in love with the boss' daughter. Her name was Sophie,'' he began. ''Sophie drove Ivanovic crazy. He loved opening the carriage door for her to see her smile,'' he went on.

''The man was whipped, but the beautiful girl never notices of him. And this drove him mad, and so he decided to write a diary where his slow decline into insanity was all too clear,'' he said. ''As his madness graduated, he began to write in his diary that he could decipher the barking of dogs. In fact, he said that he could understand the conversation between two dogs,'' he said.

''Shortly after, he wrote in his diary that he was heir to the throne of Spain. He made himself a royal uniform so that people could recognize him as the king of Spain,'' he explained.

''So, what is the point of the diary of a mad man story? Do you remember the tweets of William Ruto last month written in Kikuyu?'' he asked. ''I want to hypothesize that twitter is Mr. Ruto's 'diary of a mad man. That is because, just like Sophie made Ivanovic mad, the House of Mumbi has made Ruto mad, and he is telling us about it,'' he explained.

According to the Political Scientist, William Ruto is aware that if he does not support the Kikuyus, he does not stand a chance.

''But also, just like Ivanovic thought he was heir to the Spanish throne and made himself royal regalia, DP William Ruto has fashioned himself as heir to the Gema throne,'' he said. ''You can tell that Ruto is convinced that he has replaced Uhuru Kenyatta as Muthamaki. This, in my view, is madness and also an impeachable offense.'' He concluded.

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