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Bahati Says He'll Cook for Single Moms in Mathare When He Becomes MP, Promises Them Gas Cylinders

Diana Marua hosted her husband Bahati on Cook and Reveal segment on her YouTube channel where they cooked together as Bahati talked about himself, the things he went through before becoming rich and some of the plans he has for the people of Mathare should he win the parliamentary seat in August.

Bahati talked about how he used a gas for the first time when he was 22 years old. That before that he only knew about cooking with a stove because wherever he was living that is what they could afford.

He said that he knows the kind of hardship mothers are going through in Mathare, so he promised to to cook for all the single moms in that constituency when he becomes MP for them to feel loved.

He also promised to avail gas cylinders for all the households to solve the issue of fuel and make them know how it feels to use a gas instead of stoves.

According to him, he is the right person for the seat because he has first hand experience on what they are going through. That his competitors will not be able to solve their problems because they have no idea what is needed in Mathare

Watch him make this declaration on this video.

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