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3 Reasons Uhuru Kenyatta is too Young and Politically Experienced to go Home in 2022

Too Young

Uhuru Kenyatta is undoubtedly too young to go home in 2022. Politically, Uhuru Kenyatta can get compared to an eighteen-year-old Messi or Ronaldo. How then can you expect him to hang his gloves come 2022? Uhuru must stay. All the power plays happening in the country now are meant to ensure that he stays near power come 2022. He will not necessarily be the president, but he will be among the top power holders in the country.

Meek and Shrewd

Uhuru Kenyatta sometimes appears meek but never got the book cover wrong, inside is a shrewd politician who will go to any lengths to make sure his schemes succeed. The best example of Uhuru's Shrewdness is in 2013 when he played Mudavadi for Ruto and then blamed it on the devil. Uhuru has his political agenda and plans drawn out; the only changing factors are the methods to implement them.

Mr. Money Bags

Uhuru has the economic muscle to oust any opposition that might crop up against him. In the last two elections, his party was the most funded. Money is no problem for Uhuru Kenyatta, and that is something that his political competitors might lack. In Kenyan politics, the more money you can splash, the more votes you can attract. Even without campaigning, Uhuru is always ahead of the race because of his wealth.

Political Unions

The ability of Uhuru to make the right political unions make him stay ahead in politics. The union of Uhuru and Ruto ensured that he won the 2013 and 2017 elections. Fast forward to 2020, Uhuru is in the political bed with Raila Odinga, and this union is a force to reckon. It will take a miracle to defeat an alliance between Uhuru and Raila. The above facts show that Uhuru's stay in power is far from over. 2022 is just a comma in his political autobiography. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is here to stay.

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