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Mike Sonko Advises Kenyans To Do These Things To Boost Immunity And Hence Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Former city hall chief Mike sonko, after his graft cases were withdrawn has the pleasure to advise Kenyans on the foods to take to boost immunity as well as exercises.

"Watu wangu ukiweza on a daily basis try and take mixture of hot water, lemon, ginger and garlic na kama uko na Pesa buy supplements body immune boosters they help in steaming to clear your lungs from any infections."sonko is quoted.

Covid-19 has taken the lives of many kenyans and caution is important because they say prevention is better than cure. Sonko is on the fore front in helping Kenyans deal with Covid 19.

"Apart from washing your hands wearing mask and social distancing you need to keep your body healthy na turudi zoezi..Lastly kumbusha Mungu to protect you like He has always done. Wishing you a blessed Sunday" sonko adds.

Sonko also tells Kenyans to remind God to protect them as he has always done. These measures were first applied by late president of Tanzania, John pombe Magufuli. He told us to us lemons, garlic and ginger to battle the virus and later declared Tanzania a Covid 19 free country which later ended up killing him. He also reminded Tanzanians that they should not forget serving God despite all the adversaries.

Content created and supplied by: Hassan_Ke (via Opera News )

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