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" Demonstrations Have Bore No Fruits To Luo Nation" Raila Odinga Told

Today, Raila reaffirmed that the planned gathering at the Kamukunji grounds will still take place while supporting Azimio's candidacy in Kitengela. He claimed that they were aware of their actions and the election's rigging. As a result, he pledged to tell the entire tale. However, a lot of influential people are against Raila's plan to plan protests.

The Nyanza region has recently voiced opposition. The Luo Council of Elders has made the decision to speak out against the situation. They advised Raila to abandon his objectives since the Luo nation has not benefited from protests.

According to Nyandiko Ongadi, the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders, demonstrations haven't benefited the Luo country, according to NTV Kenya.

Just today, Kenyans were left with many questions as Azimio party leader Raila Odinga wanted to start a demonstration as he was on the opposition side. Remember that Raila Odinga has been looking for the presidential seat several times.

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