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Governor Alfred mutua answers to security understanding of the country and weather to join OKA.

He says that"the well being of a country is determined by the well being of any given region-----when leaders are asking Gov't to give them arms to guard themselves, it shows they do not trust the national Gov't will protection".says the following on the question of joining OKA,"we have seen politicians coming together in OKA,'old KANU network; they are looking for relevance, but do they have really something to offer Kenya's?.I would not consider joining OKA as it is formed by people who want to continue clinging to power-----what is their record? what new ideas do they have? when I expound on my ideas, they copy so i will wait until the opportune time to unleash my ideas to Kenya's. This country has young people who want fresh ideas such as those by maendeleo chap chapWe; call ourselves'small parties"in the sense of how our representation is in the assemblies----but we are not small in ideologies----kenya need new people and new ways of looking at leadership----our problem is tribalism and regionalisation.

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