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Chebukati Laughs At The Media For Slow Result Release

Chebukati has addressed the nation just some moments ago.One of the key points he has noted is that the submission of most of the form 34 As have been done and they are almost close to 100%.

Another important thing is that he has assured people that there is no room for rigging the elections.He said that all forms are safe and intact.If there will be any error it will be noted and corrected immediately.He gave an example of a retuning officer from Migori who gave the wrong forms but they have corrected it.

After he was asked some questions by the media about when the exercise will end, he laughed at them and asked why they are so behind.He claimed that 97% of the forms 34 A have been submitted but the media is way behind.He claimed that maybe they were not well prepared.

He also noted that most politicians have conceded defeat and it might be because the elections were transparent.Leave a comment below and keep them respectful.

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