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Vocal Politician Exposed for Using These Unpopular Tricks as He Allegedly Seeks Gov’t Appointment

A vocal former member of parliament is the latest talk of the town. This is after his unpopular tricks came to light in his quest to bag a plum government appointment.

This former lawmaker, who has been in the political cold for months, is reported to be the man behind the viral fake appointment lists that have been trending on social media.

Sources aware of this development have revealed that whenever a plum government post is coming up, the MP, with his team of tech experts, will come up with a fake list of suitable nominees in which he will be included. The list will thereafter be circulated on social media, with his team coming up with pseudo accounts to state why he is best qualified for that post.

He did so during the appointment of cabinet secretaries (CSs), he has done it during the appointment of principal secretaries (PSs), and most recently, during the appointment of chief administrative secretaries (CAS). Unfortunately, he never landed any of the above.

Word has it that he has on his payroll a team of dedicated bloggers who have been pushing trending topics that praise him and urge the powers that be to consider him for an appointment.

As if that is not enough, the former legislator is said to have been bothering journalists with endless day and night calls begging to be hosted on television and radio interviews.

Furthermore, the troubled former parliamentarian has been paying incentives to select journalists to feature him in their news stories so that he can get the attention of the appointing authority. Whether he will succeed in his quest for a state job is a matter only time can tell. 

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