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Big Blow To Children Born In "Mpango Wa Kando" As President Signs Amendment Bill

A child has a father and a mother regardless of the country, tribe, or continent from whence they are born. Regardless of current traditions regarding children born out of wedlock, a kid is owned by his or her parents, whether or not they are officially married.

According to recent reports, once President Uhuru signs the law of succession (Amendment) Bill 2020 into law, children born out of wedlock would no longer benefit from inheritance. As a result, as President Uhuru Kenyatta signs the Law of Succession Amendment Bill into law at State House in Nairobi, hidden lovers (commonly referred to as "Mpango Wa Kando") and children born out of wedlock will no longer benefit from family fortune.

Some children are born into a holy marriage, while others are not. Singles frequently ask, "Who genuinely owns a child born out of wedlock?" Is it the single mother or the single father who is the problem? As a result, sperm should determine parenting rather than marriage. Being a husband or wife necessitates marriage. To be a father or a mother, though, all that is required is sex.

Away from home, some leaders have been in the spotlight due to neglect, and some have even been prosecuted for not being accountable for their children born out of wedlock. The Bill that Uhuru signed into Law explicitly declares that hidden lovers are not dependants, putting an end to the dispute over who are the true dependants of a man's riches.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta has approved a bill prohibiting sidekicks, often known as'mpango wa kando,' from claiming a piece of their lover's money after he dies.

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